screenshot of terratime globe on Nexus 5

The World in the Palm of your Hand: a live 3-D simulation of the Earth in space. Turn your phone to see the other side of the planet; give the globe a spin with the touchscreen. The night shadow travels across the globe, seasonal changes come and go, and the clouds can be made to move every few hours*.

The TerraTime Globe is built on the fly from high-resolution NASA images, rendered with your phone's 3-D hardware, and uses its position sensors to respond to your movements. The result is an engaging, astronaut's-eye view of a virtual Earth that you can hold in your hand. A static screenshot doesn't begin to do it justice; you really need to try it for yourself!

In addition to controlling your viewpoint over the planet, you also have a full range of other options:

screenshot of terratime clock on Nexus 5

*To conserve bandwidth, TerraTime uses a single, cached cloud image by default. If you'd like the app to download cloud imagery from current satellite photos instead, simply turn off the Work offline option in the app's Settings.